More information on foldaway wall beds

foldaway wall beds have been invented in order to save space. Thus, the smaller the residence, the higher the need for the kind. In countries like Japan, for instance, the space savers are highly sought after.

More information on foldaway wall beds

The Timeless Application of a Space Saving Concept

But since sooner or later, everyone runs out of space, it's not unusual to find foldaway wall beds everywhere. Even a mansion can get space-challenged as the number of guests swells over the holidays. So wise homeowners have learned to anticipate the situation by having a spare bed around that can pop out on demand.

These beds come in all shapes and sizes. You can usually avail of a regular size bed for less than 800, that is, before tax. Just like buying any other bed, the foldaway variety can come in queen, king, twin or single format.

Why People Dump the Futon and Sofa Bed for Foldaways

The advantage of getting the foldaway design instead of a sofa bed or a futon is that there are no lumps or bars that can make lying down uncomfortable. It's just like about any regular bed in terms of comfort. You would think by looking at a diagram or picture of a foldaway that it could take a great deal of effort to setup as well as to hide the contraption.

However, this cannot be further from the truth. A spring system helps the bed glide effortlessly in the process of handling. You can get it ready for your house guest with one arm and in less than a minute.

The Acid Test of Foldaway Goodness

Foldaways have pockets and straps where you can store bedsheets, blankets, pillow cases and other sheets. And, while most of these bed models attach to the wall, the customer also has the option to get a model where the attachment is on the floor instead. You just won't really appreciate the demand until you get too many guests staying for the night.

For that extra comfort, you can put an additional coil-spring mattress on top of the cushioning that your wall bed came with. Depending on the length of the bed's feet, you may be able to add up to a 12-inch worth of extra thickness. If you have children in the house, it would be best that you barricade your spare bed.

You just never know when the kids will be tempted to play with the contraption since it can look very interesting from their curious point of view. Just as you have kids jumping up and down on the regular bed when your back is turned, you can expect to generate even more toddler interest in the novel concept.